Income Tax is a direct tax which comes under the Central Board of Coordinate Charge (CBDT). The Income Tax levy, tax rate, slab rate, and all other policies are categorized under Income Tax Act 1961. Each individual who gathered or earned salary in India specifically or by implication comes under the preview of the Income Tax Act and obligated to pay income tax as per income tax rules.

Filing of Income Tax Return is a commitment set on each citizen of India by the Government. We offer assistance to people and trade firms to legitimately file their wage assess returns. With a long time of expertise and a pool of knowledge of the Indian tax situation, we at AS Associates give the finest income tax return filing benefit.

A Citizen ought to decide the sort of Income Tax Return (ITR) form before recording his/her returns. It totally depends on the pay that the taxpayer earns/the citizen holds resources in other nations than India/earns wages from other nations than India.

There are nine sorts of ITR forms that a citizen may utilize to file his income tax returns. As per the Central Board of Direct taxes, one of the following forms should be considered for recording returns.

ITR-6 and ITR-7 are applicable only for companies and firms.


This category is for the people who have a salary up to 50 lakh, salaried people, salary from one house property, income from other sources (excluding income from lottery and horse race). An individual citizen ought to file the form. 


This form is utilized by any person who has earned income through property/sales of asset/ear salary from other nations' exterior India. HUF/any person can utilize the form for his/her income tax return. The form ITR2 is relevant to the taking after cases including salary over 50 lakh, income from salary, income from different house property, income other source counting lottery and horse race, rural salary.


This new income tax return form was presented within the evaluation year 2015-16 for an individual taxpayer/a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF). ITR-2S is relevant to the taking after cases comprising individuals who gain income by means of pension or month to month salary, a person who wins salary from only one housing property, individuals who don't have any salary from other businesses/who don't have income from any resource sales.


This form is utilized by a citizen who is either from a Hindu Unified Family (HUF) or a person, who exclusively works as an accomplice in a company but does not conduct any kind of commerce under the company (OR) who does not gather any salary from the commerce conducted by the company. The form ITR3 is recorded by the citizens whose taxable income earned from trade is as it were within the form of the following received as an accomplice.


An ITR4 form is utilized by people who run a business/who make the salary through a profession. This ITR4 is pertinent for any sort of trade profession without any restraint on the wage earned. Other than the wage earned from trade, citizens can moreover incorporate any wage received from the source of salary, housing property, windfalls, speculation, together with the business income. Any people from the levels of businesspeople to retailers, doctors to other regarded professionals are qualified to record their salary charge return utilizing the ITR4 form.


Also known as the Sugam form and it is utilized by HUF/any person to file their income tax return. This ITR4S form is utilized for the following cases such as Individuals whose gain underneath Rs 5,000 from agriculture, individuals who gain wage from an only one housing property Individuals who do have any property/asset in any nation other than India, individuals who make a salary from any business, individuals who don't make payments from any nation outside India, individuals who don't obtain income through resources sales/property in India.

This salary tax return form is utilized in special circumstances and applies to businesses where any pay earned is based on a conditional calculation strategy.


Applicable under the following entities to return their salary charge returns


This form should be utilized only by companies except for the companies/organizations which claim tax exclusion as per Segment 11. The organizations which claim tax exemptions as per Segment 11 are the organizations where the received salary is collected from the property utilized for religious or charitable reasons. ITR6 can be filed only online.


The ITR7 form is to be filed by companies/individuals who are required to yield their salary assess returns under the taking after segments:

  • Section 139(4A)
  • Section 139(4B)
  • Section 139(4C) 
  • Section 139(4D)

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